VM&D Show 2016

The VM&D Show was such an amazing experience. My friend and I were invited by Panache (London Mannequin Company). The reason for the invitation was prior to our visit, we picked up a mannequin for my friend’s project.

Upon walking into the Expo at the Business Design Centre (Angel, London), I quickly realised how beneficial this experience was, not just for my studies and current FMP (Final Major Project), but to see what I could potentially be doing in the future. I was finally able to see the ‘Bigger Picture’. There was the industry all under one roof. I was enlightened.

Before attending, I thought that it would be just a quick walk around, see a few mannequins and displays and done by lunchtime. I was so wrong. The truth is that out of all the gallery visits, exhibitions and museums, the VM&D Show has been the most inspiring of all. By talking to companies and the people that worked there, we heard their own personal journeys and learnt a lot about the industry. Then it dawned on me all these people, were once students just like us. Many of which studied fine art at university, just as I will be.

This showed me how much scope there is when studying Fine Art. There are so many pathways you can possibly follow, it’s just up to you, what you do with it.





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