Alan Kitching: A Life in Letterpress

The best thing I took away from this year’s Pick Me Up festival at Somerset house, was the discovery of the amazing Alan Kitching. I found his exhibition at the end of the festival hugely inspiring. His graphic prints were mesmerising and a little overwhelming.  This was due to the huge amount of prints that were placed across all the walls.


Kitchings prints were inspiring and made me think about my current FMP project a little differently. I really liked how his prints would sum up a journey, place or point of time using graphic typography and that expressed a words perfectly. I really appreciated his work as it pushed me to think how I could possibly relate my own journeys in to a graphic print. The pieces that first caught my eye, were the pieces that named the London transport links and maps, naming the stops and different destinations in London. These colourful prints were really enjoyable to view, mainly as I was able to look at them and relate my own memories too the places named in the prints.

The main reasoning for enjoying Kitchings work so much, is because they seem to communicate a message, whether that be using one word, a saying or map. Kitching is the master of expressing a message, using bold, graphic lettering, his pieces almost feel courageous and powerful as if they are shouting out at you. Although Kitching used the same process, every piece was different in its own way.


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