Artist Books

As promised I am posting some images from my previous projects.  My most recent project I completed was artist books. I was very excited for project as it was very focused on communicating a message through the use of words in a less conventional way.  Throughout the project I experimented with words and images, looking at how I can use them to tell a story.  In class we manipulated book pages, distorted unwanted books and created objects such as boxes and bottle that held associated words within them.


At the beginning of this brief we were asked to focus our artist books on a person, either a family member or close friend. I chose to focus my book on a very old friend, someone I feel very connected to, who has always been very influential to life. This is a person that I have known for many, many years but through loss of communication and a series of unfortunate events,  I do not have contact with anymore.  This choice first made the project quite interesting,  but mid-way through it started to play with my emotions and I started to find it very hard.  This lead me to become slightly demotivated to continue at times.

Fortunately I did finish the project. I chose not to complete the outcome I originally started, but to follow a different direction.  I chose to focus on the thing that lead to the demise of our friendship. For me it came down to one simple thing, that thing being CHANGE.  Below I have included some of the digital work I did at the beginning of this project.  These images where achieved through firstly creating a 3D model using found materials and discarded books.

After completing the models,  I photographed them in different ways. I mostly took close ups.  I found by being a little more creative with my photography I was able to create some very beautiful images.  Some quite soft and fragile,  others very rich and strong.  I found this quite interesting as these differences all played hand in hand with the person I was basing my project on. Whist digitally editing the images I played the key elements and appearance of the images.  On the softer images I enhanced the feeling of fragility where as in the stronger images I strengthened the contrasts and tonal elements of the image.


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