Back Again.. 

Hi and Happy New Year. Its been a long time and a lot of things have changed. I am happy to say, I successfully completed my Level 3 – Extended Diploma in Fine At, Graphics and Illustration. I left my two year course having achieved two Distinctions and was awarded the 2016 Jack Petchy Award. I have now progressed on to the Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, with the intention to go to university this September.

Although I planned to go to Uni and got in (Yayyy!), I decided it was not the right time for me or my family. I’m glad I made my decision as it has allowed me to further experiment with processes I haven’t come across before. I also feel even more confident in myself and my chosen pathway. Because of this, I have really enjoyed the last couple of months. Although I have still been working hard,  I have had the time to spend with my beautiful daughter and do fun things instead of stressing over my options,  choices,  applications etc.

This extra year at College has meant that I could attend all the Uni open days, which I didn’t get the opportunity to do last year.  Further to this, have been to gallery’s,  festivals and talks focused of my chosen area. I have managed to talk to people in industry through my social media and by having the time to do these things, it has  allowed me to get a real understanding of what both university and industry is really like.

Now I am completely settled back into school, completed my UCAS and the festivities have been a gone, I now think it is the right time to start blogging again. I decided to stop blogging for Summer, just to give myself a break to focus on my family. In this break I continued to post on instagram. In my next couple of posts I will upload some past projects that I have included on my Instagram. From there I will keep you upto date on what I am doing academically and any uni news. Most of all, I aim to show you my currenr Zoomorphic project.

I want to start using this  blog to track my projects, as well as show you the processes behind my work. As everyone in the creative industry knows, a piece of work does not just appear out of thin air. It takes time, research and huge amounts of experimentation. This is the thing I want to focus on showing, as sometimes the processes and developmental stages of work is sometimes the most fascinating.





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