UCAS Application 2017

I finally sent my UCAS application!!! For the first time I am really sure of my choices and I am 100% confident that I have chosen the right pathway for me.  I think what helped was that I didn’t rush into things,  as I felt I had last year.  I feel by progressing onto the level 4 foundation course, I have given myself the opportunity to really explore my options. Further to this I have been able to experiment with new and exciting techniques and processes. This has enabled me to build my portfolio to a point where  I am actually excited to go to interview and talk about my work. I also found by going to all the university open days and the UCAS – Design Your Future fair held at ExCel London was real benefit.  Any questions I had unanswered are now answered. I now have a true understanding of the courses I have chosen.


I found that UCAS fair that what held at the London ExCel Centre was extremely beneficial.  This is because here you where able to ask questions you may not feel completely comfortable asking in a interview. I was able to communicate with a lot of second and third year students that are enrolled on the courses that I have applied for.  The students were really honest and I got a real understanding of what uni life is actually like. I also found I was stuck when choosing my final 2 choices. Here I discovered choices that I hadn’t thought of before and from this I have chosen five really good choices.


I would say to anyone applying to uni in the future, try and attend as many open days as possible and if have the chance try and attend somthing like Design Your Future. It really does help and make you think abit. I feel it really helped me as I was able to speak to unis and collages that I had not thought of before such as the Croydon University Centre. I  found out that Croydon University Centre have a very good alumni, they are very local to me and very accommodating to mature students, such as myself. I have now placed them down as one of my choices and planned to visit the campus.


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