Whist looking at my portfolio, I have noticed how a lot of my work involves flowers or refers back to nature. It really interests me how I always seem to be drawn to the beauty of nature. I think this is a true reflection of my personality. I like being around pretty things. I don’t mean this is a silly girly way. I mean that I find I tend to change with my environment. I enjoy the softness, light and colour of nature.


img_20161102_112558I find that when I am around nature I seem to feel very calm, more collected and inspired. This is quite a funny thought as anyone that truly knows me, will tell you how dramatic I am as a person. My brain is often frazzled with a million and one thoughts and ideas. I can’t even make a cup of tea without thinking about what I’m going to make to dinner or what I should wear to college tomorrow. I often find it quite difficult to stay still or just focus my thoughts on one thing. This is just who I am, I have tried to change, but I think I will probably be this way forever.

The point I’m trying to make is that I when I am around beautiful things and in more natural environments, such as a park or even the sea, I tend to feel really at one with myself. Even my home is somewhat of a reflection of this. The little bits and bobs I have really do reflect little bits of my personality.

My mood tends to change with the seasons and I feel that I am most inspired by the natural changes and occurrences of the seasons. My favourite month, would have to be autumn, not just because its birthday, but I love to see the changing colours of the leaves. How they go from being green to warm golden browns, burgundy’s and orange. I just find this absolutely breath-taking. I also love the spring and the renewing of colours and light after the long English winters we have grown so used to. I feel that if you look through my portfolio you will see how I have used nature and been inspired by nature in different ways.

Below I have included some of might portfolio that refers to nature some way or another. A lot of this work was completed between 2015/2016.

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