The Natural History Museum

I recently went on a class trip to The Natural History Museum for my Zoomorphic project.  I have been here many times throughout my life as this museum was a childhood favourite. This is mainly because of the famous dinosaur exhibit they have there.


The great thing about The natural history Museum is that it has every thing under one roof. You are able to explore all areas of the natural world from the fossils, minerals, dinosaur skeletons and they have a vast range of taxonomy.

Upon this visit I was mainly focused on bone structures.  This was because I had previously been to The Grant Museum of Zoology (I will post about this at a later date). Whilst at the Natural History Museum I started to notice patterns instead of just the bone structures and appearance of different animals. This got me thinking about how I could use these patterns and replicate them in my work.  Due to a lot of my work being image and surface patterns, the focus on natural patterns really interests me.

The most positive thing that I took from this visit was a huge variety of photographs. I chose to take photographs instead of drawing, purely because I found that the natural history museum was particularly busy this day. I am going to use the photographs as references. I aim to take them back to the studio and create samples from my images.

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