Animal Vs. Human

This experiment is based on the title ‘Zoomorphic’. I wanted to see how I could potentially morph an image of an animal/animal skull, with the image of a human. I chose to do this by mono printing on a fashion magazine advertisement. I liked using the magazine ad as it played with the concept of consumerism and how we humans use and kill animals for fashion. It also plays on my research on the Phycology of Death, where it is common for individuals that are more aware of their own mortality to be come materialistic.


The image of the animal skull was inspired by some charcoal and line drawings I had done when visiting The Grant Museum. I copied the drawings, free had over the magazine pages.


The mono print worked reasonably well. The appearance was quite messy but this seemed to work. This is due to the contrast of the dark black ink and the greyish-white sheen of the magazine print. I printed similar images of the animal twice. One over the girl and the other on a blank Levis Jeans advertisement.

I then decided to scan the images onto the computer and edit in Photoshop. With this I decided to enhance the clarity and the line quality as well as the contrast. This brightened and ‘cleaned up’ the background colour, creating a clean white finish to the page. Further to this I decided to blend the two images, by laying the image of the animal skull over the horned girl, changing the opacity, giving the over-layered image an opaque appearance.



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