Pushing an Image Forward

After creating my previous image I was extremely happy with the final outcome of the experiment. Although I was very happy with the results, I felt I could potentially push this image forward through further experimentation. I decided to reprint the image. I went on to think about life and death. I thought about the things or objects I personally represent with these two subject matters. I had already addressed death by blending an animal skull over the women. I have further represented the materialistic behaviours that comes with the awareness of ones own mortality. This was done through printing on high fashion advertisements. So I felt I still needed to express life within my image.


I personally associate life with vibrancy,  growth and nature. As I enjoy using natural materials in my work, I chose to use real flowers within my image. I did this by using some previously pressed and dried flowers (daisies) along with some fresh rose petals. I chose to use dark pink and red rose petals as I associate pink and red roses with love. I thought this was important to include as love is another behaviour that is largely motivated by the acknowledgment of mortality.

I added my flowers by firstly photo-copying flower stems and petals onto tracing paper. I then layered my photocopied images over the Animal Vs. Human image. Once I was happy with the layered images, I decided I wanted to infuse them together, but this time without using Photoshop. This is because sometimes I feel it is extremely easy to go straight to Photoshop to amend or enhance an image. As I find enjoyment through using both modern and the more traditional art techniques, I wanted to explore a more traditional route.

I did this by simply sticking the images one on top of another. I then applied varnish over the  surface. This not only sealed the images together but created a thick opaque surface layered over the image.

After the varnished image was fully dried I then scanned it back into Photoshop. I decided to enhance the contrast, line clarity and sharpness. I then decided to take the colours from the petals and impose them within the shadows and shadings created from layered tracing paper and tones in the varnish. By editing my image in this way, it gives the piece as less obvious appearance. The women, the drawing of a buffalo skull and the flowers have literally been morphed together as one. This creates a less obvious message and has a real ‘fine art’ appearance, which is even more interesting due to the fact the final image has been digitally imposed.


My next step for this image is to take the individual layers and create the image using purely traditional print techniques, through screen printing the layers. This is to show how I can create a similar image using both modern and traditional methods, looking at the differences between the two and comparing the final outcomes.


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