Pinterest Boards

One of the first things I do when starting a project is to go on Pinterest and create a board of inspiring images associated with my project brief or subject matter. This has always been extremely helpful as it allows me to see how others have combatted a similar subject matter and has introduced me to new artists, some artists being less know or new within industry.

My first board usually is very varied as I like to see how I could create an outcome in different ways first. It also helps when I am creating my sketchbook samples.

Below I have included images of my opening board as well as my updated boards that I have created throughout the project.


As well as creating boards of inspirational images, I have made a board of my own work work. I have done this to see my work and samples placed together. I am slso always quite keen to show my work to others. This is because I tend to be most inspired by other students work, therefore I think its nice to show my interpation of a project to others.

I also tend to use social media to show my work. This is to gain opinions and understanding of what images are successful and what is less successful. This is quite important to me as I feel due to modern day society/media culture it is important to feel comfortable to show your work and understand how to create a social media platform that all flows harmoniously together, ultimately creating a brand identity  for myself.


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