Final Images

Choosing an Image

Coming to the end of this Project I had a sketchbook full of illustrations, many of which were from primary source observational drawings from the Grant Museum and in class. As I am going on to University to study a BA in Illustration and Visual Media, I thought it would be nice to create a design using my own illustrations.

I decided to go through my sketchbook and look at my illustrations and pick a section that I felt were strong enough to use in a final surface pattern design.

Many of my images were either charcoal and chalk drawings and line pen/pencil drawings. I decided that I wanted to use line drawings only within my final images/pattern. This is because I felt that line drawings would work best when with line drawings and could experiment better with colour and composition.

Once I chose my images I then took some tracing paper and traced the images in fine liner. I did this as it allowed me to thicken the lines using different sized fine liner nibs, without ruining the original images. I had to thicken the lines as I new that when screen printing the thinner lines would not print right as some of the images were very small and thin.

One the images were traced I then scanned them into the computer and put them into Photoshop. I did this as I wanted to experiment with the scale and composition of the images before I placed them on the screen.




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