The Judged, 2012


The Judged
Glass, steel and entomological specimens
72 1/4 x 108 1/2 x 51 1/4 in. (183.4 x 275.5 x 13.2 cm)


I have always been intrigued with Damien Hirst’s art and for this project, Zoomorphic, I have continued to revisit his work throughout. Being that the project is based on animals and I have personally chosen to create patterns associated with death, Hirsts piece, The Judged, 2012, caught my eye.

Damien Hirst is known for many of his collections, but the collections that have always interested me involved butterfly’s and insects. This is because I am always intrigued with how Hirst tackles subjects of the human behaviour such as; love, life and death using animals and insects.

The Judged personally appeals to me not because of the message he sends, but because of the physical appearance of the piece. The way Hirst has laid out his specimens, in this case insects, by colour and size creates a beautiful rainbow like pattern within a large Cabinet. This is part of his Entomology Cabinet Collection.

This piece has made me think about the composition of my printed wallpaper and colours I could use. The way Hirst has created this beautiful pattern using the natural colourants of the insects/butterfly’s is very inspiring as from a distance it is not obvious that they are real insects.


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