What is poverty?

When trying to define poverty it is actually quite hard. This is because what defines poverty varies from place to place, through time and in different ways. When talking about poverty in somewhere such as England, compared to somewhere within less developed countries or countries faced with war, what describes poverty is hugely different. In Europe I would define poverty as not having enough money  to afford basics such as paying bills, afford things such as school uniform, school trips or even nutritional  foods, heating in the winter, basically being unable or struggling to afford the ‘essentials’. Where as within a less developed Countries, I would describe living in poverty with lack of or no access to clean water, food, essential medicine, healthcare, education or any means of shelter.

Thankfully in the UK we are lucky enough to have a system in place that provides a safety net which ensures that we always have access to healthcare through the NHS, food through food-banks and charitable organisations, shelter through social housing and housing associations, education for our children provided by a free public schools system and a basic income whatever through benefit system and national minimum wage. In other countries (mostly outside of Europe) they do not have these safety nets in place therefore, this is when poverty turns into extreme poverty.

Through this project I am focusing on Poverty in the UK and the effects that come from poverty, such as poor mental health, poor education, poor housing etc.. Through I am aiming to look at poverty in the UK, I feel it is important to highlight the differences between poverty with the UK compared to the dire effects of Extreme Poverty within developing counties as there is no comparison between European poverty compared to developing or war torn countries.





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