Jo Evans – Money Works

Jo Evans is an Artist that I found through my Tutor at school. She is a UK based artist that’s work closely relates to my project based on poverty. The main reason for being drawn to her work is her subtle and delicate style. Her art is beautiful and elegant with a sence that she has spent time delicately placing things ‘just so’.



My favourite of her work is Five Pound Piece, 2015. This piece is made up of two weaved five-pound notes and for me describes Evans as an artist. The  delicate shreds of two five pound note have been perfectly weaved only to recreate what the note was originally. This piece interests me as it makes me think about money in a different way. I usually look at money being a strong, harsh and a controller of ones fait. Money for me either opens or closes door. It defines who you are in the sence of class as well as your family and things you can offer your children. But when looking at this piece I am reminded of how a note is mearly just a piece of paper. A five pond note will rip the same as any other piece of paper, therefore it is us that put the importance and power within this note.


Technically this piece is amazing beautiful. Evans has weaved both sides of the note together and we see both sides of the note subtly become one. The way the image has been weaved it has created an almost pixellated appearance. For me this piece has inspired me to look at how I could potentially use money within my own work.



Through looing at Jo Evans work I have not only been inspired to expeiment with using money within my own work, through using wax, weaving and pennys (see in future posts), buy to see reseach further artist that use money within there own art as this money as a phycial object really interests me. By being introduced to Evans beautiful money works I have been drawn to creating a final piece that has the same subtal enthasis on what money is and how it makes me feel.





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