Pathway Project


Statement of Intent

As this is our pathway project I want to focus my work on graphics and illustration as I aim to move on to an BA Illustrative, Visual Communication course at University next year. Through research and museum visits I have been intrigued by natural formations and patterns in nature. I have chosen to direct my project on surface pattern design. I am interested in using photography, Photoshop and print. I want to create designs in the style of Photographer, Deborah Samuels.

Life and Death will be the focus within this project. This concept is interesting to me as I feel this is the strongest connection that all living things have with one another. All creatures will inevitably have to face death, I want to create a print to express the fragility life. This is because in nature and for animal’s death is just an inevitable factor of life, but for us human we seem to have this constant yearning and need to expand our life. By doing this  we seem go back to nature to understand how we can slow down our own death.

Through a vast range of experiments, using wax, collage, illustration, photography and print, I will explore the best way of creating my prints. Although I want my outcomes to have a graphic appearance, I do want to start my project using natural materials. This is because believe through using both natural materials, print and image manipulation this will express the message of life and the image itself will represent how I see death. I want to print my final images on to ever fabric or wallpaper. The main object of final print is to show how I can use my final design within everyday objects that will appeal to a wider audience.